Detour Vans

The best way to control accessories such as lights or a compressor in your van conversion. The Switch Pros SP9100 gives you a solid-state module that allows you to connect accessories to a single clean power source with no external fuses. Control your accessories with the touch panel or connect via the app for iOS or Android.

This package includes the additional wire harness and adapter for ARB compressors. 


  • 100 User-selectable switch legends (not shown)

  • Eight user-programmable switches

  • Four 35A circuits and four 20A circuits

  • Waterproof, Solid State 125A Power Module

  • RGB Backlighting provides unlimited color options, using Color Picker on App

  • Daisy Chain up to 3 Switch Panels to One Power Module to allow control of your 8 outputs from up to 3 locations on your vehicle

  • Switches can be programmed for:

  • On/Off or Momentary

  • Ignition or Battery Input

  • Flash or Strobe, with User-Selectable Strobe patterns and One Touch activation

  • Memory Function

  • Master Mode, with ability to turn multiple outputs On AND Off with one touch

  • Automatic Power-Up upon vehicle start-up

  • Two External trigger inputs can each activate up to four outputs (Active Hi or Active Low)

  • Lighting outputs can dim from 100% to 10%, with ability to dim during Flash or Strobe patterns

  • Sleep Mode for minimal power consumption

  • Color-Coded circuit wires

  • LED Input Status Indicators for easy troubleshooting

  • Time Delay Off function available for all circuits

  • Splash-proof switch panel with Polycarbonate overlay faceplate

  • Program and control the system from the switch panel pad or smartphone

  • Bluetooth interface with FREE Apple or Android App

  • Battery Voltage Readout on App screen

  • No Fuses or Bulky Relay box 

  • Built-In Bluetooth Module             

Power Module Specs

  • 8 Outputs: 4 rated @ 35A, 4 rated @ 20A

  • 125A maximum rating

  • Waterproof and Solid State

  • 6”L x 3”W x .5”H (excluding connectors)

  • LED Input Status Indicators for easy troubleshooting

  • Underhood rated 125° to -40°C

Kit Also Includes

  • 11’ of Communication Cable between Switch Panel and Power Module

  • Color-Coded Output wires

  • Wire harness with Waterproof, sealed automotive grade connectors

  • Power Cable with 125A inline fuse

Switches can be programmed to be: On/Off or Momentary, ignition or battery-powered, flash, strobe, low voltage disconnect, and memorize previous settings.  There is also a programming function to adjust the brightness of backlighting and indicator LEDs.