Detour Vans

Mission Driven

We are a family owned business based in Squamish B.C. 
We are avid mountain bikers, skiers, surfers, and kite boarders. Getting outside with family and friends is what we cherish.  We want to be able to take off on a Friday after work and b-line to where conditions are best, and we want the flexibility to make last minute decisions on where to sleep while we are out there.


In early 2019 we purchased a Mercedes Sprinter 144 rear wheel drive cargo van. We spent the next year researching, learning, testing, and finally building our van. We spent a lot of time learning. There is a wide range of van builds, and it was important to us to use the safest and most efficient methods.  

In our family, we hold a couple principles close: we feel our time here is a gift, nature is truly humanities best nurture, and building and investing in relationships comes above all else. We have made some of our greatest memories, saw and experienced places we never imagined, met amazing new people, and reconnected with each other and our closest friends.

It sparked a passion in us. And Detour Vans is our passion project to help you unlock the power of the outdoors.

Detour Vans is powering your outdoor adventure.