Detour Vans

The 180-watt kit is perfect for 144 Sprinter or 148 Transit vans where the customer is trying to maximize solar and save roof space for other cargo, surfboards, or skis. The 2 90 watt panels fit perfectly beside a MaxxFan allowing you to maximize your roof space. 

Zamp makes premium, high-quality solar panels that are made in the USA. When we want to get the most out of our solar systems we use Zamp. The Obsidian panels are up to 21% more efficient than the equivalent monocrystalline panel. 

As thin as a flexible panel and 30% lighter than a traditional panel without compromising efficiency, these American-made panels also feature ultra-aerodynamic profiles and sleek black anodized aluminum frames.

Kit Includes (ZSK1009):

  • Two 90-watt solar panel
  • Two 10-foot wire harness
  • Two sets of Obsidian series low profile mounting feet.

Panel Size: 59.1” tall x 14.3” wide x .67” thin
Panel Weight: 10.2 lbs


Zamp products have a 14 day lead time.