Detour Vans

Finally a 2KW gasoline heater from Eberspacher. This is the perfect size for a 144 wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter or a 148 wheelbase long Ford Transit. 
  • Gasoline fired air heater with 2kW / 6824 BTU heating power.
  • Automatic altitude adjustment - up to 3000m above sea level. No additional altitude kit is required.
  • Get a better night's sleep, with the new stepless motor and silent fuel pump.
  • Real-time temperature monitoring, with latest heat output modulation technology
  • Optional add-on of the EasyStart PRO Timer with Diagnostic included, no upgrade required.
  • The stepless blower system also ensures quieter performance compared to previous models, while the dampened fuel pump piston reduces clicking noise. The Espar B2L also sports a brushless fan which helps to further reduce noise.
  • The Espar B2L is highly versatile when it comes to installation. Its adaptable ducting system, which can go up to 15 meters / 49ft in length, features outlets of either 60mm or 75mm. Ducting outlets are closeable and can have different degree grilles and outlet types, plus the number of outlets can be varied based on the complexity of the ducting system. 
  • The Espar B2L is easier to install than previous models. It features plug-and-play installation which requires fewer tools and no cable crimping, enabling DIY installation. 
  • The heater’s fuel system plugs directly into your vehicle’s fuel system or tank with a standpipe or via an auxiliary tap (if your vehicle manufacturer offers one). Installation of the fuel system has been simplified for this model, with the same line used for the whole installation. 
  • The Espar B2L AS3 is compatible with all 3 communication protocol technologies used by Espar - CAN, LIN and S+. This means you can use your earlier generation controller with the Espar B2L
  • Available with or without the Easy Start Pro Controller. 
  • Does not include muffler. Please contact us if you wish to have one included. We recommend that customers first install the heater without as the muffler adds back pressure to the system. 

This heater kit includes:

  • Espar Airtronic B2L 12v Heater
  • Fuel pump (12v)
  • Fuel hose
  • Electrical harnesses
  • Stainless steel exhaust pipe
  • Fuel Standpipe  - 300mm
  • Combustion intake pipe 
  • Flexible ducting 
  • Inlet / Outlet grills
  • Air outlet
  • Screws, clips and plastic straps required for installation
  • Installation manual
  • Warranty documentation
  • Option to include the EasyStart Pro controller. 

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