Detour Vans

The new VanTrack is a simple and easy way to carry your bikes in your Sprinter or Transit conversion. 

It is a single extrusion with parallel tracks that allow for fork mounts to be used in both an angled or staggered orientation; This solves the problem of handlebar interference when storing or transporting bikes in small spaces. The rubber feet add grip for when hard mounting the track is not possible, which allows the VanTrack to be a drop-in solution for cargo areas. It is compatible with all RockyMounts fork mounts and can handle bikes up to 35 lbs.

  • 60” two-slotted track for vans, SUVs, and customer applications
  • Carries up to 6 bikes, 35 lbs (16 kg) each
  • Allows mounts to be angled or staggered to avoid handlebar interference
  • Compatible with HotRod, DropTop, Driveshaft HM, and LoBall series fork mounts - sold separately
  • Includes two-track hardware kits, end caps, and floor fasteners
  • Non-slip rubber feet provide grip when hard mounting is not an option

Perfect for Sprinters, Transits, Promasters, and other custom van builds. Due to arrive May 15th, 2022. Preorder now. Limited inventory. 

VanTrack Instructions

VanTrack Dimensions