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PedalDrastically improve the drivability of your Sprinter with the newest generation of throttle mapping. Introducing the Pedal Control 2.0. Solve the deaded hesitation, then wallop of power, which is familiar to any Sprinter driver.

At first, there was the Pedal Box, which made the van more responsive but didn't solve the power delivery curve issue. Now, with the introduction of the Pedal Control 2.0, we are able to drastically smooth the power curve and eliminate the hesitation + abrupt power delivery of the factory sprinter. 


How does it work?

The modern Sprinter has a drive-by-wire throttle system as well as a turbo. The engine must have a certain level of RPM to spool up the turbo to add power. This is why there is a big hesitation off the line followed by a big wallop of power. The Pedal Control 2.0 interrupts and re-broadcast a new signal to the van's ECU. This allows you to adjust the throttle input electronically so that the Sprinter drives much more normally. 


Using your mobile device you can choose from multiple driving response modes:

  • Normal - When turned off, the vehicle retains its factory driving dynamic.
  • ECO - softens pedal inputs to make city driving smoother and maximize fuel economy.
  • SPORT - offers aggressive throttle characteristics with snappy response at the lower range of input.
  • INDIVIDUAL - build your own throttle response curve by defining a custom profile in the included app.
  • KIDS - allows you to limit the overall performance by up to 50% and produces a linear throttle curve.
  • VALET - drastically reduces pedal output to limit vehicle performance and speed, to 10, 20 or 30% of the maximum.
  • THEFT - completely disables the throttle pedal via the Bluetooth app.

Pedal Control is NOT a performance chip; it does not alter the vehicle's ECU tune, add horsepower or torque, change the fuel or timing maps.

Free shipping within Canada.